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Winch operator requirements

The 1 Engineer shall be subject to professional training, work to concentrate, found in the line of sight when there are obstacles, should be promptly removed, not the operation signal is not clear.


2 before the operation should first idling, confirm the electrical, braking and environment in good condition before operation, the operator should understand in detail the main content and work shift work.


3 when the hoisted matter did not fall on the ground, the driver may not leave. Rest or suspend operations, must be the objects or hanging down the cage. After work, should cut off the power, turn off the switch box.


4 the driver should always pay attention to wear operating conditions and wire rope. When the load changes first promotion, should first from 0.5m to pause, and then continue to rise check no problem.


5 the use of single drum winch, must use the brake to control the descending speed, not too fast and fierce brakes, to slowly fall.


6 prohibit the use of pull type switch, avoid the collision error operation.


7 wire rope to regular butter and should be put in the groove dedicated, in order to prevent rolling strife, failure of wire rope strength.


The rated capacity of 8 hoist should be set up more than 125KN rope, wire rope on the drum shall be at least 3~5 ring should be retained, the end of the wire rope should be fixed and reliable.


9 drum outside to the outer layer of the steel wire distance shall be not less than 1.5 times the diameter of the steel wire rope


The 10 operations, and no one may cross winding wire rope working.

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