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Hoist has the following situation should immediately stop

Hoist has the following situation should immediately stop:


The equipment is not a delicate machine, but because of the working hours, the use of years longer, improper operation and other reasons are often prone to some common fault. Compared to catch some project, so even if there are some exceptions, many operators will not immediately shut down for maintenance, when the work ended in check. This no ground for blame, but if your hoist appeared the following fault, it must immediately stop check.


1, control the electrical fault


Control key parts electrical appliances when problems arise, often accompanied by abnormal noise, great for this situation to hear and see more, leading to failure in different parts of the noise is different, different measures should be taken according to the fault location, fault in the familiar, resolution in location.


2, reducer fault


If the speed reducer is part of the fault, should immediately stop operation, check the motor's compliance with the rules for use, according to the instructions before use is added, and the timely replacement of oil, or bearing wear serious and so on, to an antidote against the disease, timely repair, reduce the occurrence of accidental circumstances. Sometimes some small failures often cause big problems.


3, the motor fault


Noise appears in running motor, should immediately stop the operation, and then check all parts of motor is damaged phenomenon, whether single phase operation, axial dislocation phenomena will lead to abnormal noise. Check the product, to hear and see more, can use or according to the fault noise characteristics, determine the sound position, finding and troubleshooting. Complete maintenance contribute to the maintenance of equipment and efficient work.

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